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About Coach Kadel

Julia Kadel, affectionately known as Coach Kadel, is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Miracle League of Delray Beach. The mission of the Miracle League is to provide the opportunity for all children, regardless of their mental or physical abilities, to enjoy playing baseball.

Ten years ago, Julia made it her mission to make the Miracle League a part of Delray Beach’s community. Using her leadership skills, Julia met with officials from the National Miracle League Organization and the leaders of Delray Beach and Palm Beach County to enlist their support. Successful fundraising enabled the League to build a specialized, obstacle free baseball field, where 17 Saturdays a year over 100 kids come out to play.

Julia’s love for the players, their families, the volunteers and her community has made the League the success it is. Her vision for the future is to expand the Miracle League into other parts of the county and into other sports, allowing more families and players to participate in the Great American Pastime.

Coach Kadel has been a Delray Beach resident for over 17 years with her husband Jeff and their three sons who all feel blessed to be a part of this amazing community. She has served on many local committees and boards including Chairing the Education Board of Delray Beach and the fundraising committee of CROS ministries. She is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a Palm Beach County Middle School Physical Education & Health Educator, and a middle school Youth Group leader for her local church.

Just recently she was honored by the Bethesda Hospital Foundation as a 2015 Woman of Grace. Julia believes together we are powerful & can continue to play a positive role in our community. Together, we can continue to create miracles.


  • "Coach Julia Kadel has been a one to one coach for employees at Team Horner since 2013 and has been instrumental in helping others change their lives. Her zest for life, heartfelt compassion, nutritional knowledge and fitness expertise make her an ideal well-being coach.

    As one of 5 national winners of the 2015 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards from the American Psychological Association, Team Horner’s company culture and well-being program was recognized. Coach Julia has certainly been part of our success."

    Kim K - Well-being Coordinator
    Team Horner
  • “Julia Kadel came into my life for a reason. She is helping me learn the healthier way to live and is with me every step of the way. If I have a question, she is there to answer it. What I like most about Julia is her heart. She cares for you on deep level, even if you just met her. Her compassion and enthusiasm to help you get to where you want to be makes her a fantastic coach and most importantly, friend. ”

    Anne S.
  • “I have worked with Julia during the last 5 yrs. as she has developed the Miracle League here in Delray Beach to be a very successful organization from just a dream......Julia is a go-getter who I would be proud to recommend to anyone looking for a high energy Can-do employee or vendor...She's the best!!" 

    Kurt G.
  • “Julia is one of the most driven and selfless people I have ever met. She sets the bar very high for herself and still exceeds expectations. I watched as Julia and her husband took on a project which required negotiating the politics of our city and raising $500,000 for physically and mentally challenged children. I know how tough that was and she made it appear that she had done it 100 times before. She's unstoppable!" 

    Former Delray Beach Mayor Woodie McDuffie
  • “Julia is a very talented women and has such a great way with people and especially children. Her work is far superior and she doesn't stop until the job is done to perfection. I recommend Julia Kadel for any job or task that you have to complete."

    Rinda F. 
  • “My kids had a great experience with Julia at their school. She left a very mark on my kids and their out look on health and physical education. Very patient and professional. Would 100% refer her!!!" 

    Stacy N.
  • I highly recommend Julia C Kadel in her role as Director of Community Health and Wellness Fairs. She has a passion for increasing awareness of health related services and solutions and truly cares about people. As a result, she organized reputable health vendors from mainstream to alternative solutions-- in a family friendly environment! I left the event feeling well informed and with great health professional contacts. Everything that Julia does is with excellence! For example, Julia is also a fantastic wellness coach and is very motivating and knowledgeable."

    Candance R.
  • "I have had the privilege of knowing Julia for the past three years & have admired her ability to be a dedicated community leader. Julia & her husband Jeff have made the Miracle League a huge success & their efforts have provided on-going joy & happiness to many children throughout South Florida."
    Steve K.
  • Julia shines with enthusiasm and has a tremendous gift as a coach. She has tremendous patience and a special knack when it comes to working with children. I would work with her or hire her as a coach in a heartbeat!"

    Susan M.
  • “Julia is the most dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic person I've ever met. Her success is based on her passion, empathy and love of well being. Julia is a true inspiration to us all!"

    Kristi V.
  • “Julia's dedication to the Miracle League of Delray Beach and -- perhaps most importantly -- her love for the children who play in the league, serve as shining examples for the entire community."

     Professor Ted Curtis
  • “Julia was the PE teacher for you two boys at Trinity Lutheran and sport camp director as well. She worked well with the children and was very creative with their activities. She has a great attitude and very respectful with the children and parents."

    Mike H.
  • “My experience with Julia is in the area of a Health Fair that she organized. This event was well orchestrated, ran smoothly, had many areas of interest to all age levels and was very informative. Outside vendors were solicited to participate making the event more interesting and informative. Julia was positive throughout all areas of the event and I would recommend her in future ventures."

    Kim L.
  • “Julia Kadel, is smart, passionate and well organized. she is extremely knowledgeable about exercise, training , food, nutrition and especially as a trainer and coach she knows exactly how to keep people on track with any program she designs for you. She is trustworthy and amazingly giving of her time to charity, as founder and director of the miracle league she has done so much for the community in bringing Baseball to kids of all ages with disabilities. Julia Kadel is truly an incredible woman, well rounded who is successful in all aspects of her life."


    Kim K.
  •  Julia Kadel is a joy - she is consistently upbeat and enthusiastic. She has great knowledge of the fitness field and is always striving to learn more through personal research and further study. She is organized and capable and I would recommend her highly."

    Fran H.
  •  “Julia is tireless and compassionate when it comes to kids and the Miracle League is proof. Her skills and effort will be evident this season when the games begin. Hooray for the kids who can play baseball thanks to Julia!"

    Tom A.
  • “Julia is an energetic, passionate, committed and determined professional. She is not afraid to take on big assignments and executes flawlessly. She has great compassion for people, is goal-oriented and gets things done. She's an excellent coach and I deeply admire her work in founding and running the Miracle League. She gets my highest recommendation for her character and abilities."

    Former Delray Beach Mayor Jeff Perlman
  • “It was my pleasure to work with Julia on the Miracle League in Delray Beach, while I was a City Commissioner. Her passion for the kids and the "Miracle League Project" was incredible. She took this project on in one of the worst recessions this country ever experienced and spent countless hours raising money and at the same time developing the program in a temporary location. With everything that is going on in our day to day lives, most people do not take the time to reflect on how great they got it. it's people like Julia that make us realize how great the world really could be, if we just took a moment and reached out to make someone else's life a little better. It has been my pleasure know Julia."

    Gary P. Eliopoulos

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